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Slide You’ve got millions in equity, yet you still don’t have chairs. Answers and equipment. Without the hassle. Slide We’re not like other equipment-leasing companies, so there’s no reason to be frightened. Get the stuff you need for business without getting robbed. Slide If you like fine print,
read Moby Dick.
We’ll show you what
you’re getting into.
And how to get out.
Slide If you’re losing sleep over equipment contracts, you’re in bed with the wrong people. Drama-free leasing. Because business is exciting enough.

We’re businesspeople who
also happen to be regular people.

Camber Road gets you the stuff you need to get business done.

You spec it, we buy it, then you lease it from us. So you get exactly what you want without exhausting your equity or giving up a lien on your business.

It’s a different, debt-free approach to non-dilutive capital—and instead of faceless contracts, you get to work with good, smart, fun people who actually do what they say.

Get rid of the drama.

We’re not looking for equity or a lien on your business. So we give you what you need to run your company, without the runaround.

And with a simple lease, you can free up cash and extend your runway 20-30%. And if your plans change, we can adapt without the hysterics.

Get to done faster.

We’ve done the hard work of simplifying our contracts and making the process as non-processy as possible. So there’s no unnecessary paperwork. No back-and-forth bickering. No 18-step discovery.

And every project is led by one of our four partners, so you’re talking to a decision maker.

Get full transparency.

Let’s save the surprises for your birthday.

We’ll walk you through each term and every condition, until you’re thoroughly bored with the details. But you’ll always know exactly what you’re signing up for.

We’ve been around the block, all around the country.

From education and automation to nanotechnology and consumer services, companies have turned to Camber Road for the equipment they need to start, sustain or expand their business.

We run a business, too. So we know what you’re up against.

Get what you need to run better with a call or a click.

Minneapolis • New York City • Portland

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