sustain your speed

/'kambər/ - a tilt in the curve of a road that enables a vehicle to sustain its speed

Camber Road provides non-dilutive capital to growing companies looking to acquire hardware, software, tech, and other assets.

Since we offer a lease and not a loan, there are no liens, restrictive covenants, or high interest rates. Since we don't take warrants, it's non-dilutive.

We don’t take board seats, we don’t ask for personal guarantees, and we don’t ask for additional collateral. We can fund in under a week, with follow-on rounds in as little as a day.

Our goal is to enable the companies we partner with to simultaneously scale, maintain control, and retain ownership.


Camber Road understands your challenges are unique to where you are in the business lifecycle.  We have the experience and expertise to help you every step of the way.

  1. Startup | Emerging Growth

    • Goal: scale operations, extend runway, minimize equity dilution

    • Assets: office build-out, technology, software

    • Size: up to $10M

  2. Growth | Expansion

    • Goal: manage useful life of equipment, avoid equipment obsolescence 

    • Assets: technology, software, hard assets

    • Size: up to $20M

  3. Maturity | Further Expansion | Possible Exit

    • Goal: manage year-end budgets and cash flows, stay on the leading edge of technology

    • Assets: technology, software, hard assets

    • Size: up to $50M


To learn more, please call or email us:

Steve Aronson

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(c) 612-802-9264


Ryan Hartung

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(c) 612-670-4293


Patrick Judge

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Nick Rankin

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